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2015-09-03_04h56_27Weddings are always special, despite who you are and where you come from. Every culture across the world celebrates wedding days and rightfully so. With the advent of technology, capturing the festivities of a wedding day has become common practice. One such aspect of this technology is wedding photography. Considered by many as the best day of their lives, it is natural to want to preserve the memories of this day for the rest of your life.

Enter aliciadickerson.com – Your friend, guide and an obvious choice for wedding photography to capture your tender moments for life. Our main goal is to provide our clients with wedding pictures of superior quality. We firmly believe that every wedding, and every couple for that matter, is unique. So, we spend a considerable amount of time getting to understand and know our clients better to capture their essence and preserve it in the form of photographs.

Years of expertise in the wedding photography niche have also led to many successful collaborations with various service providers in this industry. Some of these collaborations have helped us in improving the end results of different wedding albums.

Some of our successful collaborations are

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